Sunday, March 22, 2009

God in Creation

I've been spending a whole lot of time on the waters in and around the St. John River in Jacksonville, Florida. Manatee area! I haven't seen one yet, but I have witnessed the remarkable beauty of God. It is not simply the wildlife, mostly birds, that I have seen. It's bigger.

I am not one who is usually outside in the predawn hours. This week I have been and here's what I've witnessed: I have seen the waning moon with Venus keeping company nearby. I have seen the sky brighten and fill with the noise of birds beginning their day. I have seen the placid waters begin to ripple as the wind awakens from its calm slumber. I have see the cool fog lift off grass. All of these things have filled me with peace and more. They fill me with a view of the wondrous divine gift of creation. The world continues like this, unnoticed and mostly undisturbed by human hands everyday. It simply continues, because it gives glory to God.

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