Monday, March 16, 2009

The Truth of Our Existence

I want to share with you a bit of my sermon from this past Sunday. I was speaking out against the fear and falsity of our current economic crisis verses the truth our our lives in Christ.

I describe the truth of our existence in this way: I stand at the edge of a great abyss, whose depth, breadth and width I cannot measure. I know this great blackness falls away and would consume my soul into an infinity of emptiness. A torrent of wind hurdles clouds of black and gray past me. A great sound moans a throaty song of destruction. A primordial ocean crashes against the rocks behind me. Yet, I am. I exist. In the very midst of this chaos I choose to be.

Moreover, in spite of the emptiness, in spite of the chaos, in spite of the cacophony of nothingness, I am not alone. God is with me. Not in the sinews of my flesh or in the synapses of my brain, but in the fibers of my soul, God speaks to me in the quietest of whispers. Like Elijah hearing the still, small voice of God that was not in the fire or the earthquake or storm, God speaks a voice of love calling me to be with him. On this outer edge of my spiritual existence, I say, “I am loved as I am nothing.” Why? Because God is the only thing that matters in this world and the truth of this world is my relationship with God.

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