Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three Vignettes

I encountered an elderly couple several times the other day. These encounters remind me of the relationship that we have with the Lord and how he is our present help.

In the morning I saw the man and woman sitting by a pool. In their hands was wool. It was tangled and the man was helping the woman untangle the ball. Later in the day, the man and woman were sitting together. The woman was knitting and the man was taking a nap. Then late in the day, the two walked by holding hands. Their relationship is a metaphor to ours with the Lord.

The Lord helps us in many ways. He helps us untangle the knotted webs and tangles of our lives. Patiently aiding us in making sense of our problems and helping us become free of the knots that keep us from knitting threads of goodness. He is there when we are tired and need to rest. Third, he is willing and wants to hold our hand. When we simply want a friend to keep us company. The Lord is a faithful friend, company and helper. He is ever-present and at our side. And in doing so, we are empowered to tackle the troubles of our lives and overcome difficulties and rest when we simply need to stop.

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