Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's been on my mind

I'm a theologian. I approach the world through a fairly unusual way. When I come across a theory about the world, I question it as a theologian meaning I try to keep God in mind when I analyze it.

So I saw this commercial on television. It turned out to be a gum commercial. It touted that this gum kept it's taste longer than other gums, by using a tongue-in-cheek approach. During the commercial, the gum is first eaten by a one-cell creature, which evolves into a fish, which evolves into a lizard, which evolves into another creature, which evolves into an ape, which finally evolves into a human. The gum was being chewed all the way. Obviously the underlying premise is the theory of evolution.

This commerical makes me wonder: In 2.6 million years since the first appearance of hominina there has been about six or seven "evolutionary jumps". There has been only a couple movements from apes to humans and all of those happened some two million years ago. Why? Why wouldn't more evolutionary jumps happen? If evolution is a natural occurance, then wouldn't it happen all the time? Wouldn't there be more bipeds descending? Wouldn't we discover that even today apes were becoming homininas?

As a theologian, I believe in abundance of God's creation, not scarcity - the Bible teaches that. Thus if the theory of evolution is true and valid, which I see no reason why it isn't, then why would evolutionary jumps be so scarce, rare and distant?

It's just been on my mind?

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